Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Swing away, Merrill." (Signs)

These are not exactly new signs, but I noticed them today and really wondered what they meant.

I find it odd that we can't fully operate a phone while driving, but we can put up all sorts of signs along the road. Billboards, speed limits, speedzones, no passing, deer ahead, crosswalk ahead, school zone, merge, lane ends, railroad crossing, slow traffic stay right, chain area ahead, curves, steeps slope, duck crossing, wildlife preserve, spawning creek, natural habitat, milepost, scenic viewpoint ahead, no u-turn, left turn only from 4-6pm, carpool, carpool ends, bus route, truck route, bike route, cascade loop, adopt-a-highway, food ahead, gas ahead, tourist attraction ahead.

And now "Traffic Safety Corridor" gets put into that list (among many others I've missed). I'm all for safety and cautionary signs, but can we draw the line somewhere? Is a tourist going to see the TSC sign and instantly feel more safe driving the road? Will a parent? I doubt it.

I'm waiting for the "This road was once used by Bill Gates when he got a speeding infraction for 130mph in a 55mph zone" sign to go up in Redmond. Or "Shaun Alexander flat tire spot."

(rolling eyes)

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