Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I said to Hollywood, 'Where'd he go?' and Hollywood said, 'Where'd WHO go?!" (TG)

A block of cheese. A funny commercial. Or just copying a look straight out of the local Costco or Best Buy or Staples. That's how creativity can happen, or not happen.
A block of cheese? How? If you are stuck creatively, take some odd, non-related item (like a block of cheese) and try to utilize that in your ideas. The cheese will hopefully springboard your ideas elsewhere, along thought tangents you never thought of before. A simple odd piece will help get around that wall you've placed in your creative mind.
A funny commercial can also help change your message or influence a creative aspect. Like the Taco Bell Carrrrrne Asada commercial, what if TB went off that joke and used penguins or turtles?
If you decide to copy something that's already done by someone else, that's not exactly creative. How you implement it might be, though. Sometimes time crunches and limited resources make it unlikely to be unique and original, so borrowing from something else might be the best alternative.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"What's in the box?!" (S)

Mitosis came and went. Fantastic! It came so fast and flew by so quick, it's almost like nothing happened. Except something did. I think everyone who participated in Mitosis learned some valuable lessons from John Bevere.
Now we're working on Easter Sunday. Which this year will contain 3 services. 3! 9, 10:30, & 12 on April 8th. Obviously invite your friends to The Rock Church for that day, 'cause they will see some spectacular and moving things.

Part of my blog is also to be about writing. And I haven't posted anything about writing. So now I'll touch that subject.

Writing is key in communicating your message to people. People comprehend writing at various levels. Some like bulleted lists, some like long expository writing. Transferring the information is what needs to be in the forefront of your mind when composing. Especially if the correspondence is task-driven.
This is what I mean:

If you have the time, or can fit it in, please try to complete the tasked mentioned in our meeting last Tuesday. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you sometime next week.

This is a highly ambiguous task. When is what needed by? A better way of phrasing a request is this:

Please complete the following by Friday, March 31st:
1) Paint ceilings with Off-White paint in cupboard
2) Move television from stand to new entertainment center
3) Call plumber to clean guest bathroom

If any of these items cannot be completed by Friday, please submit a realistic deadline to me by Monday, March 26th. When tasks are completed, please let me know.
Thank you.

The second communication spells out exactly what needs to be done and by when. It never hurts to say "please" and "thank you" and while some of it may come across as impersonal, it gives actionable items that need to be done. Firm language gives a sense of purpose and urgency, while using terms like "if you could" or "maybe this week" leaves an impression that the task is not that important.

And my spelling tip for the day:

They're going on a picnic over there with their family. They are. There is a place. Their is owned.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We're not coming all the way out here just to get one of those stupid ties with Santa Clauses on it are we? (CV)

T-minus 12 hours 'till Mitosis (as of 6:15AM Thurs). Mitosis is The Rock Church's conference on regional ministry; how to go from a local-focused church to a region-focused church. It's pretty exciting coming down to launch time.

Putting on this event has been a tremendous challenge and learning opportunity. Many people don't realize the time and effort it takes to put on a event. It's akin to a wedding. Caterers, decorators, ushers, wedding party, etc. Last minute changes and additions. "Doh!" moments.

I don't want to ruin the surprise of what we've done, 'cause it's pretty cool. There are a lot of components that have come together that make this event quite stand-alone from regular TRC events. I know that everyone has worked diligently and continuously, early morning and late nights. The interns have been busy and I hope they are taking valuable notes (other than to disappear when we have another event- just kidding!).

I have been to a few conferences and large events. Seeing industry shows and being an exhibitor at the shows have given me some insight into how things flow during the event. This is my first experience being part of the host, not just a visitor/exhibitor. We have a tremendous team here that have done an awesome job getting things in order.

Mitosis: The Power of Multiplication is important for church growth because it will impart true vision on the growth of our church. Visiting churches coming to the conference will be able to leverage this knowledge in growing their own church.

People may wonder why a church would hold a conference of this magnitude, and what would it gain from the conference? It is that one person we all know who needs God's love. It is that one person who's life is spiralling out of control. It is that one person who can lead many but is tending the flock. It is that one.


Friday, March 9, 2007

1 Count of Jealousy (Wild Hogs)

My work computer is set up with dual monitors. Mainly it's a cheaper alternative than using a huge 24" widescreen monitor. But maybe I'll upgrade later. If anyone spends a lot of time writing/designing or even working with spreadsheets, this is the only way to go.
Two monitors makes it easier to multitask. It's easier to copy and paste things or retype things in formats I can't copy. And if I want someone to take a quick read of a document I just typed, they can read it on one screen while I work on a different project on the other screen.
And for multimedia. I can run video podcasts or other longer videos on one side and my work on the other. It's a great setup.
Using Photoshop or Illustrator is great with two monitors (or even a large widescreen) because you can view a large page without it being obscured by the layer/colors/tools windows in the applications.

All in all I can't see going back to one monitor, unless it's a really large one. I'm thinking of maybe going to three, but that might be a bit of overload.

It's Ryan's b-day today. A big, hearty "ARRRRGGGGG" to RB.

Monday, March 5, 2007

I'm kind of a big deal (Ron Burgundy)

My pastor, Jeff Knight, returned from his excursion to the hub of NASCAR country, and he came out unscathed. Meaning he isn't saying "y'all" and still sounds like a Northwesterner. He had an awesome opportunity to drive a stock car around Atlanta Motor Speedway and tour a Nextel Cup garage. Pastor Jeff was joined by Roger Habich, a successful race driver in his own right (and my bro-in-law), and they saw just how large a Cup operation is. When you see how large your hobby can get, I think anyone would be impressed, myself included.

Other notes & rambling-
1) If a car has an auto-lowering power window, why can't it have an auto-up? (Scion, I'm talking to you). Yes, I own a Scion xB, which is affectionately referred to as the "toaster."
2) Paper towel dispensers should always be at an average height roughly 48 inches off the ground. High enough so really tall people don't have to stoop, but low enough that average people won't have water dripping down their sleeves waiting for the towels to come out. At The Rock Church, dispensers are at level where water won't drip down my sleeves as I wave my hand across the electric eye.
3) Music should be piped into bathrooms. Note I said music, not muzak. I think it's quite uncomfortable to do work when everything echoes and sometimes gets amplified. Other times I think it's hilarious; usually when I'm not the one in the stall.
4) Why are the milkshake machines at Burger King always broken?
5) Why do people like raisins in cinnamon rolls? Are they the ones who also like black licorice? Hu-ehh.
6) My sister recently had surgery on her foot and long story short, she has a little dolly for her casted leg to rest on while she tools about. She has two sons, so I'm sure that dolly is getting worked over in ways it was never designed for. It has a hand brake, too. I'm wondering how long until that dolly has a 50cc motor on it. And wheelie bars.
7) McDonald's is recruiting workers using the food bags. Why not skip a step and print the application directly on a bag that the potential employee can turn in?