Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Did you eat too many paint chips as a kid?" (Tommy Boy)

Is there a logical reason why road medians, little sidewalk runners, and various "greenbelts" have real grass? I can understand parks and large social areas having grass, but I'm looking at those odd grass placement areas. That little patch between the road and sidewalk. Why is that grass?

Grass has to be cut. Should get a nice coat of weed & feed each year, but probably doesn't. Needs to be watered often or it turns brown.

I propose that Field Turf be the replacement for grass in appearance-only areas. It doesn't need water, doesn't need to be mowed (saves labor, equipment, and safety costs), and it stays green all year round.

I'm sure some environmentalist study or group will say how much the grass produces "life" for animals and helps the ecosystem. Maybe it does. But could we try something else first? We're not replacing all the grass. And maybe Field Turf will work. Maybe an alternative in urban areas to "green" them up.

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