Monday, February 5, 2007

2.6 Million- What did it buy?

So the big game ads- which ones were worth 2.6 million? I honestly didn't watch the second half, so I'll have to check the ads later. But for the first half, here are the ones I remember as the best.

1) Doritos Hot/Smooth/Crunchy commercial. That was funny for many reasons. It had a unexpected twist in the commercial. It had product qualities presented creatively. And it was plain funny. I knew the guy was going to crash, it was pretty obvious, but the timing was great. The girl tripping and having chips fly all over was hilarious and detailed.

2) Blockbuster Rabbit/Hamster use a mouse. How many times can we play with this premise of synonyms? Are we tired of it? Only when it's funny and not dumb. Like Blockbuster's ad. Having a rabbit and hamster try using a real mouse to get movies is obviously not real, but fantastically humorous. It was kind of like the mouse always got picked on by the larger pets/rodents in the shop. Paints bunnies in a new bully light, don't it?

3) Snickers kiss. It was gross. But funny for the reaction. "We have to do something manly!" Never mind the fact I've never seen anyone eat a Snickers bar like that.

4) Sierra Mist Beard-Over. Yah, Jim Garrigan is underrated (Hotpocket!) and the sweet cut-offs and roller skates won the prize for wardrobe malfunction of the year. The karate ad was okay as an everyday ad, not up to the big game hype.

5) GM Car Wash Guys. Hilariously gross and funny. Just wish they used something like an XLR or C6 instead of a PT Cruiser stung by a bee. And having a guy skinnier than Kate Moss is freakishly funny.

6) Bud Light. Everything was funny except the gorillas. "I threw rock" and "fist pound is so 2006" will be catch phrases.

And to the ads that are just completely whiskey tango foxtrot:

1) Coke Video Game spoof. I've seen that ad for the past 6 months at movies. Didn't find it funny or creative or enlightening the times I saw it before. And financially, Coke marketing should be demoted for recycling a lame advertisement for 2.6 million.

2) Chevrolet. More evidence the suits don't care and are completely separated from consumers. No one sings about crappy GM cars, and rappers definitely DON'T roll 24s on a 2007 Impala. Maybe a '64.

3) Movie Studios. Stop wasting money in the big game. People won't remember what movies are out from a game ad. Besides, most people have already seen it on or TV trailers are old news.

4) Pizza Hut Jessica Simpson. Worst placement leading off the ad marathon, the ad was lamely directed and acted. It would have been funny if Pizza Hut lifted the "is it chicken or tuna" scenario with Ashlee's sister. Exactly. JSim is old news.

5) Sprint's Connectile Dysfunction. I hate regular ED ads this spoofs. Add to that Sprint/Nextel is regarded as one of the WORST cell companies. I know of few people who like Sprint. Nextel, ok but pricey.

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