Monday, September 24, 2007

"Prepare to jump to... Ludicrous speed!" (Spaceballs)

I'm posting after a week. What a week. Topping the list of accomplishments for the week was the secret launch of the new, a project that began back in late July. It's a work in progress, although the new buzzword for that is "beta". I still have a few pages to complete, but the majority of necessary information is available. It doesn't display properly on IE 6.0, but that's okay, everyone should be running FireFox (HA!).

I Fit...I Am The Rock Church Night went off with a bang! Over 300 people showed up for our annual Volunteer & Vision meeting. Youth Pastor Travis and Children's Director Staci did a great job at hosting Bingo.

Interns began the year last week. Staci and I were given the opportunity to take the 1st years for a little exercise and it was a great experience. The Interns are definitely meshing as a team and getting used to performing cohesively.

And to prove my geekiness, I picked up a smokin' deal of a 20" wide screen LCD monitor from to complete my trifecta of LCDs. That's right- 3 monitors. I'll downsize back to two, just so my cubicle outlet doesn't explode (Clark W. Griswold ring a bell?).

My next future dilemma is a phone decision. I can go with the Apple iPhone or the BlackBerry Curve. I don't need a music library, just pictures. I need internet, texting, and email. I have resigned to the fact I'll be a phoneslinger, wearing the weapon on my hip; ready to retrieve it at my whim; affording me multiple opportunities to drop-test the phone from a mere 28" off the ground.

"but I still love technology.........."

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