Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So glad I support AT&T/Jeff Burton

I think I'm done with the Sprint/Nextel/Little Tykes/Pampers Cup Series. Here's why.

I'm terribly sorry that Kyle Busch, a driver with tremendous talent and a top tier ride, is a complete pansy. That's being polite. I kinda wish he was the driver at the beginning of last year.

Kyle happens to be part of that inevitable public eye, where everything he says is recorded. And many things happen to come out of his mouth in the heat of the moment, so sometimes you just have to laugh.

But Kyle, pay attention. You wrecked Johnny Benson, with no respect to his team's place in the series. In a series you aren't running for points, just wins, you had this to say:
"My move is probably a pretty stupid move, people will call it," Busch said on Fox. "But I'm a racer and I'm going after another spot. I'm not happy with a third-place finish. I'm going to go for second if I got a spot I think I can get for second. Obviously, stuff happens on the race track that happens on a race track. That's how I see it."

If somebody raced a Cup race and took out Kyle (purposeful or accidental), the media would never hear the end of it.

Carl Edwards ran a traditional "bump-and-run" at Bristol. With 30 laps to go. You're telling me, Kyle, that a bump with 30 laps to go derailed your victory? Hardly. You don't like the way Carl raced you? Guess what? There are probably 30 teams between the Trucks, Nationwide, and Cup series that don't like racing you.

Here's the kicker: NASCAR, in it's new Eastern Thinking (ya, I went there), decided to put both Kyle and Carl on probation for the post-race activity. Sure, Carl retaliated and spun Kyle out, but that was after two big hits Kyle put on Carl. Bristol is like this. NASCAR knows Kyle is a hot head, and he's used the cool down lap, aka sucker-punch, before, been fined $50,000 for throwing his HANS device at another racer. It's time to grow up and accept you can't win every race, Kyle. Short track racing is a contact sport.

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