Sunday, June 3, 2007

"Nobody tosses a Dwarf!" (LOTR:FOTR)

Ever wonder why drive thrus are on the opposite side of a fast-food joint? It's not because it's a better safety system to keep moving vehicles away from walk-in customers. It's not because it's a efficient use of land. It's not because it allows drive-thru customers the opportunity to see which workers smoke, or do worse than cook your food.

It's because having a drive-thru on the opposite side (that is- you can't see it when you pull in) is a customer will never know the line is backed up until after you order and get caught in the labyrinth.

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice...
7) If everyone is focused on the same goal, no one should feel left out or discouraged.

Everyone on the team has different skill sets and abilities. Along those lines, they have their own expectations of performance. I don't expect to run a 4.4 40 dash. Prolly not even 6 sec. Same with other expectations. Have goals, aim for them, and have respectable expectations.

Additionally, everyone on the team has varying degrees of responsibility. Just because the Head Coach won "Coach of the Year", that doesn't make the lineman coach any less valuable. And on the other hand, the authority and responsibility is quite different between the coaching levels.

It's the end result- performance- that matters. The different roles culminate to create a winning team.

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