Thursday, August 2, 2007

"We need Kate and Leo" (Love Actually)

My punch list for today and tomorrow: 22 items. 6 documents. 2 virtual docs. 4 system changes/additions/revamps. 2 planning actions. 3 or 4 research projects. And other things that defy categorization.

What's urgent: I Fit: I am The Rock Church banquet and accompanying message series. This will be about who we all are at The Rock, and how we "fit" in God's plan- serving, loving, helping.

Updating website content: Both and need some lovin'.

Regional Reach Team launch: Designing and implementing content delivery for RRT Leaders and participants.

Announcing a special musical guest on Sunday, August 26th (Big Parade Day Weekend). Hint: We've had him before, and he's coming up from Oregon.

So how do you go through this task list? One at a time.

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