Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"It's what we do that defines us." (Batman Begins)

Here's part two of three on my personality analysis:

1. Independent Thinkers are specialists in their area. [Not me. I'm kinda a Jack-of-all-trades kinda guy]

2. The development of their ideas and visions is important to them; they love being as flexible as possible and, ideally, of being able to work alone because they often find it a strain having to make their complex trains of thought understandable to other people. [I understood that. I do not consider myself flexible, but I do try to think of solutions that can be applicable to many problems.]

3. Independent Thinkers cannot stand routine. [Hmmm. Routine works for me. But I like to change some up here and there. Like office reorganization every so often.]

4. Once they consider an idea to be good it is difficult to make them give it up; they pursue the implementation of that idea obstinately and persistently, also in the face of external opposition. [Part of this is from #2 above. Also the consideration is an in-depth analysis for the most part. It's not flipping a coin and going with whatever option comes up.]

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