Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"What is that?! What is that?!" (Bruce Almighty)

How about taking a little detour with some poor signage. Read on:

Claritin: Package is clearly marked with a "Peel" indicator, yet the mumbo-jumbo on the back says "Read instructions before attempting to remove tablets." Hmmm. What if I just want to remove the tablets and not take them? Because removing little squishy tablets is so, so very difficult?

Sign at a house: "No Trespassing Without Permission." Excuse me, sir, can I trespass onto your property? Sure, and don't forget to throw some rocks through my windows and smash my mailbox.

I could probably find some more, but these are on the top of my thoughts. You can clearly tell I've spent a great deal of time dissecting them.

Related (sort of): AT&T text messaged me (free) telling me of WA's impending ban of cell phone usage without the aid of a hands-free device. Wouldn't it be better to add "Hey, buy online a hands-free device with coupon code XYZ for 15% off"?

Always give people an action.

Visit and pad the numbers. Just kidding.

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