Friday, December 19, 2008

"I've been working on the chain...gaaa-aa-ing..."

For NW drivers, here's my logic:

Snow chains are for use when you can't see the pavement and there is a base of snow & ice. The coefficient of friction of steel on ice is probably really, really low. Meaning slick.

Snow cables/plastic/lightweight chains are for use with hard pack snow and ice where some pavement is visible- that is, patchy.

When you can clearly see pavement, and no snow or ice is present, do not use either option on the roadway. Pull over and remove them.

1) Prevents unnecessary road damage.
2) When a car/truck looses a chain/cable, the driver never goes back for it. So it's left sitting in the middle of the freeway where drivers have to dodge and weave. Or it gets caught in some cow-catcher and destroys it (not like that would be a bad thing).

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