Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seth Godin

He has some great posts. I agree with a lot he has to say, but I'm not sure I'd agree with everything. I haven't met the guy. But Seth has a nice post that every manager should be looking at in new employees (since this "recession" isn't going to last forever".

High points of this post:

1) Passion and expertise are required for employees. The level of each is determined by the position.
2) Passion for living and growing in the expertise trumps passion for the mission. For example, the factory worker with a passion for building engines doesn't necessarily need the same passion for all of GM's products.

Seth applies the "core competency" principle to labor, which isn't anything new, but I would venture a guess that some managers still don't get it.

Seth ignores the "skills can be taught" mantra, for good reason. It's misunderstood. You can teach new skills to employees, but if they don't have the passion to learn, they won't perform well. Or at all. But if you teach skills to employees that want to learn, they will be far more productive.

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